Bahrain e-Visa Requirements

Within the Persian Gulf are a number of beautiful countries. But among all of them, one of the most worth visiting is Bahrain, a unique place in the world. In this small country, in addition to great beaches, there are architectural monuments of the ancient Arab world converging along with the most modern structures. Also, natural places such as The Tree of Life, attract tourists throughout the year. Certainly, Bahrain is an excellent place to tour your next trip.

For a trip to be successful, it requires prior planning: book a hotel, learn more about the culture of the country and the places to visit, and in some cases, apply for a visa to enter. Bahrain is one of these countries where a visa is required to enter, with its own particularities.

If you are thinking of traveling to Bahrain, you should know that it is necessary to apply for a visa before entering. The visa, also called Evisa, is an electronic type and must be previously requested before entering. If you want to travel to Bahrain and do not know how to process the electronic visa, at we can help you.

Who requires Evisa to Bahrain?

Bahrain e-Visa

Bahrain e-Visa

Citizens of the vast majority of countries in the world must apply for a visa to enter Bahrain. But there are some exceptions, including bahraini citizens, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates citizens. And Bahraini residents who have a residence visa. Fort the rest, it is necessary to request a visa to enter the country.

Bahrain e-Visa – Application form

How to get eVisa to Bahrain

To get the evisa for Bahrain, you must first possess the indispensable requirements. These include a valid passport, hotel reservation, round trip ticket, sufficient financial solvency, and extra documentation if requested. Having them at hand, you just have to access and there you can fill out an online form to get your visa to Bahrain in a simple way.

Important information

When we apply for a visa to enter a country, we have some doubts that deserve to be answered. Next, we will answer the most common unknowns of travelers to Bahrain.

Validity of eVisa to Bahrain

eVisa to Bahrain

eVisa to Bahrain

This is valid for one month from the moment it has been issued, so you must have very well planned what you will do before requesting it.

What’s the entry type?

The type of single entry is only 14 days, but in multiple, it can be both 30 and 90 days.

Do you have to print it?

Being a type of electronic visa, it is not necessary to print it since it is integrated in your passport.

How long your passport has to be valid?

Basically for the duration of your stay, but it is recommended that it be valid for at least 6 months so that you do not have any problems at the time of requesting it.

Can you arrange an eVisa on arrival?

Yes, but only simple visas and are not applicable to certain residents.

Is overstay possible this country?

Luckily, it is allowed, but you must do an immigration (NPRA) visit to complete a process and it can only be extended for two weeks.

Bahrain e-Visa – Application form

Benefits of using our online service

Unlike other countries, to travel to Bahrain there is some difficulty and complication when applying for a visa. Although the country promulgates tourism, sometimes the visa application to enter becomes a bit cumbersome and it is difficult to be exempt from complications. is where you can find the best facilities to enter bahrain. Having the documents at hand and filling out a simple form, you can obtain the visa in the easiest way possible and not get complicated on your trip to this country. In addition, we offer the advice service and we assure you that if there is any problem at the time of making the request, we will be there to solve it with you.

We will ensure that your trip to barein is as simple as possible and that you enjoy your stay to the fullest. After knowing the facilities that we give you to request evisa for Bahrain, what are you waiting for to know this beautiful country of the Persian Gulf?